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Subtitles Café

Place Description

Subtitles Café, Dalston is first and foremost a great café, serving great food and drink, run by great people. Great cafes are, however, commonplace – especially in the cultural hub of East London – and this is where Subtitles with its curios and quirky goings on comes into its own. Opened in early 2015 by coffee, film and music enthusiasts Lukas and Jade, Subtitles quickly built a loyal clientele comprised of people who didn’t just want to talk about art in their local social; but also want to experience it. Weekly showings of hand-picked, cult Czech films (with subitles) proved instantly popular; and as with the food and drink, there was a focus on quality – no chaff, no quick fix additives… Subtitles was earning itself a reputation as a supplier of wholesome, exemplary produce and entertainment. Keeping in line with the cinematic theme, beautiful, first edition prints of original posters for a range of films can be purchased in the café – including a host of rarities from around Europe and especially the Czech Republic.



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